Product Description

Susanne Westinghouse has been working as a vet for more than 20 years. With the help of cat behaviorist Martin Ragman she developed a unique approach that will stop any cat from spraying, guaranteed.

And since this product is sold using proven direct response marketing techniques combined with the state-of-the-art power of a video sales letter you will be both shocked and surprised by the conversion rate.

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There are 42.9 million households with cats in the United States alone. And since many of these households don't just have one cat the total number of cats is more than 85 million. Cat spraying is seriously nasty and it is estimated at least 10% of cats spray at any given point. In other words, the market is HUGE. This is the only product with a full up-sell funnel and a VSL on the market. You can make up to $60 promoting it and it's evergreen, so you will get your commissions all year around. Do you really need any more reasons by now?

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